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Becoming a Volunteer

 Berwick Youth Project has always understood the value of good volunteers, volunteers that will offer something new or something different to our team and the wide range of services and opportunities we offer.

Our services include youth activities and youth clubs, information and support services as well as housing information and accommodation, therefore we welcome volunteers with varied skills, interests and life experiences.

 We know that there are lots of people within our community that could offer something, whether its a regular day a week, evenings or during school holidays only or maybe just to drive a minibus for us. We are able to be flexible and accommodating to volunteering availability that fall  within our opening times or activity program.

The application process for volunteering with us is fairly straight forward, however we do ask that you become familiar what we do via our website.

 Candidates will also need to complete a Criminal records check and go through our in house training program.

Once you have become familiar with what or who we are looking for we ask that you email us to request an application form.

We  also ask that you identify a volunteer role that you would be interested in and we can then send you any additional information.

Once your application has been received we will contact you to inform you of an interview date.

A request for an application form can be made to:


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